70+ Sweet & Cute Good Night Texts For Her

Sometimes a little thing gives the right direction of your relations. A sweet good night text is one of that kind thing that could change the phase of your relation.

It’s a good move for a battering relationship. wish her good night with your whole love and let her feel your true feelings for her. These cute goodnight texts will help you.

Sweet Good Night Text And Sayings For Her

  1. “I Miss Our Conversations Until The Morning, The Night Is Empty Without You. Sweet Dreams.”
  2. “Dream touches your heart and soul. It is a magical memory that unites fantasy and reality. Hope you’ll have the sweetest dream tonight… Good Night “
  3. “You can always compare your love to the night, moon, stars, etc. this way you can create a perfect night setting which your loved one will surely love.”
  4. “If there was a way to forward days, I would forward all days just to spend the nights with you. Good night sweetheart.”
  5. “I love you like roses love rain, like walking together down memory lane. Sleep tight, my Love.”
  6. “Don’t fear, today monsters won’t visit you as I will protect your sleep. Kisses and good night .”
  7. “I’m about to crawl into bed, but I just wanted to say that I love you and goodnight gorgeous.”
  8. “Good night! Sleep tight. I may not be by your side, but know that you’re always in my heart.”
  9. “The night may be dark and spooky, but my life’s view will always be – beautiful, hot and pretty as long as you are with me. Good night .”
  10. “May your pillow be soft, your blankets be warm, and your mind is filled with thoughts of how much I love you. Goodnight my Love.”
  11. “Even if you’re tired after a hard day and do not look at all 100 percent, I always love you 1,000 percent! Good night.”
  12. “The stars look so beautiful tonight, but not nearly as beautiful as you..”
  13. “Hold your phone tightly because this text message is a hug in disguise. Good night .”
  14. “My Hectic Day Is Over. I Want You To Know That I Was Thinking About You And Now I Will Imagine You In My Arms. Sweet Dreams, I Love You.”
  15. “Tell her the best feature about her which you love. It can be her eyes, smile anything. We all have a favorite feature which we can’t stop looking at. Tell her that feature, and it will instantly bring a smile to her face.”
  16. “U are the dream that every man wants to see, but only a man like me who gets to open his eyes too. Good night sweetheart.”
  17. “Count the stars, count sheep, count your blessings, and count on me to love you forever.”
  18. “You will have a hard day tomorrow, lie down to rest. I am always with you, even if I am not with you physically, but in the mind – permanently. Sweet dreams.”
  19. “Have you seen the moon tonight babe? It’s is beautiful and I wish I could look at it with you.”
  20. “Let Me Wish You A Good Night. I Hope That Soon I Will Fall Asleep Together With You So I Can Tell You These Words Personally.”
  21. “Saying good night is not just putting an end to a day, it´s a way of saying, I remember you before I go to sleep. Hope you can feel the care that goes with it, Good Night.”
  22. “Tell her that you miss her even after a tiring day. Many days your work ethic doesn’t allow you to text much which leaves her waiting the whole day. A simple I miss you at the end of the night can brighten up her whole day and night.”
  23. “Whether my day at work is good, bad or worst, I always look forward to the night because you quench my heart and soul’s thirst. Good night.”
  24. “Enjoy sweet memories of our day as peaceful slumber overtakes you and fills you with a well-earned rest.”
  25. “My favorite, I promise that this teddy bear spends with you the last night, we’ll be together tomorrow. Good night.”
  26. “I Miss You With Every Passing Second. I Miss The Way Everything Feels Alright With You. I Miss You.”
  27. “Always end the day with a positive thought and grateful heart. Good Night! “
  28. “Always appreciate and thank her for being in your life. You know that your life has changed completely since she met you. Let her know by telling her how thankful you are, and you will be.”
  29. “Looking at the moon’s radiant shine bouncing off your beautiful face, all the worries of my life vanish without a trace. I love you, good night.”
  30. “May velvety darkness wraps itself around you, comforting you with its silent embrace, as you drift peacefully to sleep.”
  31. “I know that it is tough for you to fall asleep without me, let it be the biggest nuisance in your life. Soon we will never be apart, sweet dreams.”
  32. “I am falling asleep to our song and I wish you were here with me.”
  33. ” My Dreams Are Incomplete Without You In Them.”
  34. “I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars. I wish you sweet dreams!”
  35. “You can always form poetry as a message. No, you don’t have to be a refined poet to do that. Just two lines of a small poem are enough to make her feel special.”
  36. “The twinkling of stars is temporary but they all get disappear when the sun rises in the morning but permanent is my heart beat which beats only for you. Good Night baby.
  37. “Tomorrow is a clean slate, a new beginning, a fresh start. Sleep well, my love.”
  38. “Every night I become super cute, that is why I am sending you this message. I’m kidding, darling, you are always on my mind.”
  39. “I can’t sleep because I am thinking about you.”
  40. “At The End Of The Day, All I Wish To See Is Your Smile, And That Makes My Day. Hope You Had A Great One! Good Night.”
  41. “Beautiful dreams, stars, the moon, flowers, and sunsets have nothing on you girl. You make the world a brighter place even when you’re going to bed.”
  42. “Watching the moon from my window makes me imagine your beauty glowing by the moonlight, and it’s mesmerizing. It instantly makes me smile. Have a good night.”
  43. “Every night becomes special for me because at night you are with me after long stress during the day. I wish you a very good night. “
  44. “I live for the day that my dream will come true and wake up next to you. Sweet dreams until then my love!”
  45. “You are sleeping now, and I am thinking of you. You are a wonderful person and a beautiful girl, I’m really happy that I have met you! Good night.”
  46. “Goodnight my love, parting is such sweet sorrow.”
  47. “When I Come Home Exhausted From Work, I Just Close My Eyes And Imagine You. Your Beautiful Bright Eyes Makes All My Tiredness Go Away. Good Night.”
  48. “I know that you are busy, but I wanted to tell you to have a good night.”
  49. “No matter how far I’m from you during the tour but you how much I miss you and I know you are missing me too. So I’m sending you this good night wish so that you can sleep well. good night.”
  50. “Sleep, a beautiful surrender, a recharging of the soul, a gift of the night. Enjoy.”
  51. “The most handsome man wishes a good night to the prettiest woman in the world! “
  52. “I had a wonderful time with you tonight, and I can’t wait to see you again.”
  53. “I never have to worry about bad dreams again. I just close my eyes, think of you, and everything is perfect again.”
  54. “The most beautiful thing about every night is being with you. Good night my love.”
  55. “May the lullabies of a hundred angels’ wings comfort you and keep you as you drift off to sleep. Good night my Princess.”
  56. “My favorite, I hope that this night will be different from other nights and you will finally sleep enough. Sweet dreams.”
  57. “What are you going to dream of tonight.”
  58. “You are my whole world, goodnight.”
  59. “Even After Spending The Entire Day With You, I Just Can’t Seem To Get Enough Of You.”
  60. “My night is always the same. I jump in the shower, brush my teeth and spend the whole night thinking about you. It is perfect.”
  61. “The sky might have so many stars, but my world has only you. Good night sweetheart.”
  62. “If I were with you tonight, I’d hold you close, take in your beauty, and surround you with sweet love.”
  63. “The sweetest girl in the world is lying in the bed and reading this message, I hope that it will make you smile. Good night, lovely.”
  64. “I wish I could fall asleep in your arms.”
  65. “My Daily Routine After Coming Home From Work Is To Jump In The Shower, Brush My Teeth, And Think About You Before Sleeping. It’s Just Perfect!”
  66. “My wishes for you tonight are dreams filled with love, peace, comfort, and thoughts of me.”
  67. “You are the breath that completes my life. You make it beautiful, good night sweetheart.”
  68. “A night so fair, a love so rare, may God’s hands keep you in His care. Sweet Dreams my Love.”
  69. “A human can live without water 10 days and without the sleep 3 days, and I cannot live a day without you! Sweet dreams.”
  70. “I’d love nothing more than to fall asleep with you.”
  71. “The night is silent; night is beautiful; night is calm; night is quiet… But any night is not complete without wishing you good night. Sweet dreams.”

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