80 Heart Melting Best Wishes For Marriage

Marriage is an outstanding day in every person life. Often people crazy about their friends or favorite cousin marriages and ready to enjoy that day with family and friends.

At marriage, people mostly get puzzled with gifts and best wishes messages. You just want to surprise the newly wedded couple and want to show your whole love for them.

Well, it’s not that tough guys, You can easily impress a married couple with some best wishes messages. The best wish message should be heart to heart conversation type.

The person whom you sending wishing text he or she should actually feel your good heart for them through the text.

If recently you have any marriage invitation and you don’t have any idea about best wishing text, A heart touching best wishes for marriage text you might be found here.

  1. “Marriage is a promising bond that also embarks a journey towards the end of time. Here’s wishing you both a pleasant and memorable ride ahead.”
  2. “May your love story be as magical and charming as in fairy tales! Congratulations on the wedding!”
  3. “Dear newly married couple, the most important and spectacular phase in your life has already started. You’ve decided to start a family. May all your plans and hopes on it become true! Congratulations on your wedding!”
  4. “Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.”
  5. “You’re now a team of two. Congrats on an unbeatable union! Wishing you a happy and successful marriage.”
  6. “It’s a new life and new journey that you both have vowed to continue together. ay God bless you and guide you in the right way!”
  7. “Congratulations on tying the knot! May you forever be head over heels in love with each other forever.”
  8. “Heartfelt congratulations on your marriage. May your bonding last forever, and should it ever change, may it change to a firmer and better one.”
  9. “I wish you both a life filled with cheerfulness and bliss. May you enjoy all the happiness that life throws at you. Wishing you all the luck for the wonderful days that are yet to come.”
  10. “Marriage is not just uniting with a person you love. It’s also accepting his or her believes, habits and preferences. Wishing you to always be patient to each other!”
  11. “You have a bright future ahead of you two, make sure you have a good one, because you need adventure, laughter, joy, and happiness in your life, but don’t forget all your downs, you will be fine, just promise you won’t leave each other, good luck!”
  12. “Your wedding day will come and go, but may your love forever grow.”
  13. “Congratulations to the wonderful two of you!”
  14. “My best wishes to two very exceptional people. Nothing makes me prouder than to tell the world that both of you are my friends. Enjoy a happy, fulfilling married life!”
  15. “Congratulations on your marriage! You two look so good together that it seems like you really are made for each other! Have a wonderful life together!”
  16. “Here’s a recipe for having a successful married life: mix unwavering support with a cup of unconditional love, a pound of understanding and a pinch of sparkling romance.”
  17. “Wishing you many more days as happy as this one, many more occasions for celebration, and a lifetime of love and laughter.”
  18. “My heartfelt wishes on your wedding day. May the bond that you share last forever and let it never change and grow firmer and deeper day by day. Have a great married life!”
  19. “Wishing you lots of happy moments on your wedding,
    God truly made both of you for one another!”
  20. “Family is some kind of a magic place, where one can get love, care, tenderness, and understanding. Family is intended to heal us, not hurt. That’s why I wish you two to give each other only positive emotions. Congratulations on your wedding!”
  21. “Best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together.”
  22. “This calls for congratulations and probably champagne.”
  23. “Congratulations on the most important union of your life! May you two always find love and hope in the company of one another.”
  24. “Two beautiful hearts joining together with a promise of never letting go of each other. Take my warm wishes of lifetime happiness, joy, and prosperity for you.”
  25. “I hope your married life will be as bright as the sun and as beautiful as your wedding day.”
  26. “Blessings to the happy couple! May your commitment deepen, your joy increase, and your love grows stronger from this day forward.”
  27. “I wish that all the days ahead be as happy as this day with many more reasons to celebrate a lifetime of happiness and love.”
  28. “A successful marriage needs understanding, Forgetting mistakes and falling in love many times, always with the same person.”
  29. “Congratulations on your wedding, dear friends!
    Today a new life for you will begin,
    Wishing that no matter what, together with you always win.”
  30. “Wishing that this hangover of love never fades away! Happy wedding.”
  31. “May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy.”
  32. “May the love you share today grow stronger as you grow old together.”
  33. “Let your marriage live as long as the sun does.
    Congratulations on your wedding.”
  34. “Thank you for letting us/me share in this joyful day. We/I wish you all the best as you embark on this wonderful union.”
  35. “I hope through the years you become even better friends and share every possible kind of happiness life can bring. Congrats.”
  36. “Marriage is about finding true love and sharing a common, beautiful dream. Congrats on the find, And here’s to making that dream come to life.”
  37. “May your marriage be filled with all the right ingredients: a heap of love, a dash of humor, a touch of romance, And a spoonful of understanding. May your joy last forever. Congratulations.”
  38. “May the delight in your eyes today stay with you through the thick and thins of married life. Many good wishes for your new life.”
  39. “Like today, may every other day of your life be filled with love, sympathy, and compassion! May the foundation of your relationship always be as solid as a rock.”
  40. “Wishing you joy, love, And happiness on your wedding day and as you begin your new life together.”
  41. “May the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years.”
  42. “Your wedding day may come and go, but may your love forever grow. Congratulations to the perfect couple.”
  43. “Heartfelt congratulations to a perfect pair! Here’s to a beautiful couple and a lifetime of wonderful memories.”
  44. “Congratulations on finding each other! Your greatest adventure has just begun.”
  45. “Congratulations to you both on your very special day! May your wedding be filled with special memories you can treasure forever.”
  46. “You are one of the best, nay; you are the very best couple I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in my life. Congratulations and a happy wedding day to the both of you.”
  47. “Here’s to you two—wishing my two favorite lovebirds a lifetime of happiness and love. Congrats on a beautiful wedding.”
  48. “From today you are not just two different people in love, but you are a family. A whole package of love, passion, And affection.”
  49. “Congratulations to the best couple I know! Enjoy your married life and may you be blessed with eternal love.”
  50. “I’m so happy that you finally have found the person you were dreaming for. May your marriage be everlasting and ever-exciting! Congratulations to both of you.”
  51. “This momentous occasion marks the start of your life together. May the journey be a happy one filled with peace and harmony, joy and laughter, romance and passion. May your enduring love be the crown jewel that ties together all the rest. Best Wishes.”
  52. “Blessings and wishes to the most adorable couple! May the commitment that you two share deepen with time and let the bond grow stronger with each passing day.”
  53. “People say that real love must go through many tests. And I wish you from all my heart to stand these tests and keep the love till the end. Congratulations on your wedding, my beloved bride and groom.”
  54. “Let this occasion mark the start of another journey. May the life ahead be a cheerful one with love, happiness, excitement, joy, and peace. May this everlasting love be like that of a crown jewel which will tie all the bonds together. Hearty wishes to the loveliest couple.
  55. “As Bill and Ted said, ‘Be excellent to each other.”
  56. “Heartfelt congratulations.”
  57. “I hope that every day you two spend together is as blissful and love-filled as possible. Here’s to one of my all-time favorite couples! Congratulations.”
  58. “I wish you may never stop being amazed by each other and never stop falling in love with each other. May your house be filled with happiness.”
  59. “May this marriage brings with it good luck, prosperity, laughter, and eternal love. May you have a happy wedded life.”
  60. “Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life. I am glad you found your special person.”
  61. “Thanks for inviting us to eat and drink while you get married. Congrats!”
  62. “The two of you are meant for each other and this day only cinches it. My very best wishes to both of you for a wonderful life together.”
  63. “You’ll make a great family for each other and great parents for your babies. My good wishes and prayers are always with you.”
  64. “May your love be like a shining star, brightening even the darkest of times. Nourish your love, happiness, and hope every blessed day of your marriage. Congratulations.”
  65. “May your love gather with the power of a storm, so your future life together can be watered by its unending laughter and joy. Congratulations on your wedding.”
  66. “Wishing you lots of love—and lots of makeup sex!” (If this is appropriate given your relationship with the couple.”
  67. “Good things happen to good people, and I don’t know two people who are more well-deserving of the kind of love I’ve witnessed. My very best wishes to one of the best couples ever.”
  68. “Warmest congratulations and love.”
  69. “Wishing you lots of joy and happiness on this very special day and for the rest of your lives together! Don’t blink too much—you might miss something. Happy wedding day, you two.”
  70. “Warmest wishes to a fantastic couple. Here’s to a lifetime of adventure, love, and happiness! Congratulations on your matrimony.”
  71. “Thanks for all the champagne and free food! Oh, and also congratulations on your marriage.”
  72. “You two have found the perfect partner for each other. Never let each other feel alone ever again. Enjoy an exciting post-marriage life.”
  73. “You are going to make a lot of memories with each other. Be it good or bad, romantic or dull, never lose hope on each other.”
  74. “Our marriage advice: Love, honor and… scrub the toilet.” (Or fill in any other funny advice you have,”
  75. “John, enjoy your last day of freedom. Oops, I meant, enjoy the cake? P.S. Congratulations on your marriage, guys.”
  76. “What do parties, fun, and freedom have in common? They’re all things you’re giving up today.”
  77. “True happiness can only be found in the arms of the one you love. God bless you on this special day and for the rest of your life together.”
  78. “You are the sweetest couple I have ever seen! You two deserve the best things in the world. Keep happy with each other. Happy wedding.”
  79. “Welcome to a lifetime of always saying “yes” when you really mean “no.” In other words, welcome to married life, buddy! Just kidding—congratulations on your marriage.”
  80. “Weddings are not for those with weak hearts – check my bank balance and you will understand… Nothing more to say.”

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